Stories, essays, musings and other noisemaking from
one of the top travel writer/editors in the U.S.


When I had to depart my work home at the Register, it was without the opportunity to put
together - or even access - my work. Through the 19 years, 6 months I was travel editor, I
had a hand in just over 1,000 Sunday travel sections.

Much of it is gone, but as times permits, I am going to sart filling in As time permits, I am
going to start filling this section with stories, up with past stories and other musings. I
picked the title "Gullible's Travels."

It's a reminder that while I have spent move time of the road that most, I still listen to the
wrong directions, miss trains, underestimate the time to get to the airport and leave my
passport on my nightstand.

Note: I hope to increasingly hyperlink the stories below, but for now you may have to go to
Google and search for them. Much of the archive of the Register has slipped away during
a series of remodelings of the website. So keep checking back.. .


Favorite stories:

Obersalzberg: German
mountain town tries to get
visitors to think beyond ties to
Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler

Twilight of the Bali Hai Boys: A
journey across four decades
with the pioneers of Tahitian

Travels with Oscar: Sites linked
to the five Best Picture
nominees for 2007

Hawaii stories on Kona Village,
West Kauai, Waipio Valley, and
cheap eats in Honolulu

50 states: Moments from
across the nation

Kansas: The final state
Tales from the road
by Gary A. Warner