Stories, essays, and other noisemaking from one of the
top travel editor/writers in the U.S.


When the new regime at The Orange County Register decided to eliminate the travel
editor job (and me with it), it was a sudden action that left me without access to most of
my work.

More than 1,000 travel sections. Scores of stories about politics, aviation, the military,
baseball and architecture. Much of the writing lessons I prepared for classes I taught at
UCLA and elsewhere.

This is a rescue mission - and attempt to showcase new work. As times permits, I am
going to start filling this section with stories and other musings - future, present and past.

I picked the title "Gullible's Travels." It reflects the openness I want in my travels and my
stories. I don't like soapbox writers who act as if they know all and have seen all. I still get
lost, miss rains, head to the wrong airport, make a really bad choice off the menu and
leave my passport at the nightstand at the hotel where I stayed the previous night.

Please make sure to return from time to time to see what I have added. Here's to great
days and wonderous travels.

Story spotlight:
Flora on the run: Twice she was
asked to rebel against her king.
Twice she chose the losing
side. A treasonous tale from
Scotland to North Carolina.

Twilight of the Bali Hai Boys: A
Some people talk about
chucking it all and moving to a
tropical paradise. These three
guys did it. A half century later,
the Tahitian tale goes on.

Sleepy in Hitlerland: A German
mountain resorts tries to get
visitors to think beyond its ties
to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler

Kona Village:
Going, going, gone?
Digital billionaire Michael Dell
promised to rebuild the iconic
resort he owns after it was hit
by tsunami waves in 2011. So
far, it's a promise unkempt
Tales from the road
by Gary A. Warner

The lead of my 1999 story on New York City has been
included in the latest edition of
Dr. Mardy's Dictionary of Metaphorical Quotations, a
compendium of notable quotes. I appear in the section on
New York, right between Francis Trollope and E.B. White.
Mardy included a note introducing me to his audience.

"Noisy, mighty, dirty, nasty, proud, and preening.
Capital of the American Century, a metropolis
unbound. Brutish, sophisticated, demanding, scornful,
a sticky-hot melting pot boiling over."
Gary A. Warner, “New York, New York—A Trip Through
the History of New York, The Most Important City of the 20th
Century,” in The Seattle Times (March 21, 1999)

These are the opening lines of one of the best articles ever
written about New York City. Warner, Travel Editor at the
Orange County Register from 1994–2014, continued:

Hated more than loved. Feared more than respected.
A mythic forest of glass and steel rising between two
riverbanks. Mecca for hayseeds, refuge for aliens.
Promised land of anonymity and fame. Fabled.
Unfathomable. New York. Nothing less that this: the
most important city in this most important country at
the end of the 20th century.”

The full article, a decade-by-decade look at NYC in the
1900s, may be seen at New York, New York