Stories, essays, musings and other noisemaking from
the Travel Editor of the Orange County Register.

NEWS....The Register was recently named one of the three best Newspaper Travel section of its size in the U.S. for 2010

It was the 10th time the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards honored the
Orange County Register for outstanding work since 1994.

.As time permits, I am going to start filling
this section up with past stories and other musings. I hope to include some earlier works
on politics that I think someone, perhaps my mother, will find interesting. I picked the title
"Gullible's Travels," which has been used for travel books going back at least to the
1920s. I like it because I don't consider myself a sage-like travel expert. I'm just a guy who
gets to travel a lot, make some wonderful discoveries and awful mistakes, then come
home and write about it. Not a bad life at all.

Note: I hope to increasingly hyperlink the stories below, but for now you may have to go to to find them.


Recent stories:

Obersalzberg: German
mountain town tries to get
visitors to think beyond ties to
Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler

Twilight of the Bali Hai Boys: A
journey across four decades
with the pioneers of Tahitian

Travels with Oscar: Sites linked
to the five Best Picture
nominees for 2007

Hawaii stories on Kona Village,
West Kauai, Waipio Valley, and
cheap eats in Honolulu

50 states: Moments from
across the nation

Kansas: The final state

Cartwright Gardens:
Inexpensive lodgings in London

Bedford, Va.: Home of the
controversial National D-Day

The end of the Douglas Aircraft

Mom as the original travel guide

Driving the San Andreas Fault

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